Vol. 1, Issue 2, Dec 2020

  • Disability and Poverty: A Review on Social Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities in Malaysia (http://eoi.citefactor.org/10.11241/asbj.01.02.001)

     | Che Su Mustaffa, Haslina Halim, Jasni Ahmad, Mawar Qadija Ishak, Nurul Aina Johari | pp. 1-11

  • Youth Unemployment Alleviation via Social Entrepreneurial Ventures in Creative Fashion Industry: A Conceptual Paper (http://eoi.citefactor.org/10.11241/asbj.01.02.005)

     | Syahnur Farhana Haji Shahlehi, Vivi Nabilah Shaya, Kamariah Ismail, Farahiyah Kawi | pp. 46-56

  • An International Comparative Study of Student’s Attitude towards Science in Four Asian Countries (http://eoi.citefactor.org/10.11241/asbj.01.02.008)

     | Ku Faridah Ku Ibrahim, Azrul Fazwan Kharuddin, Zaida Mustafa, Norazura Azid, Darvinatasya Kharuddin | pp. 83-93

  • Assessing from the Perspective of Students amidst Covid-19: Do the Online Tuition Classes Provide ‘Equal Understanding’ As to Physical Tuition Classes? (http://eoi.citefactor.org/10.11241/asbj.01.02.009)

     | Vivi Nabilah Shaya, Syahnur Farhana Haji Shahlehi, Farahiyah Kawi, Kamariah Ismail | pp. 94-103

  • Determination of Sample Size in Early Childcare Centre (TASKA) Service Project in Malaysia: Classification and Analytical Approach (http://eoi.citefactor.org/10.11241/asbj.01.02.010)

     | Azrul Fazwan Kharuddin, Norazura Azid, Zaida Mustafa, Muhamad Naim Kamari, Ku Faridah Ku Ibrahim, Darvinatasya Kharuddin | pp. 104-112

  • Application of Structural Equation Modelling in Estimating the Contributing Factors to Mathematics Performance (http://eoi.citefactor.org/10.11241/asbj.01.02.012)

     | Azrul Fazwan Kharuddin, Norazura Azid, Zaida Mustafa, Ku Faridah Ku Ibrahim, Darvinatasya Kharuddin | pp. 128-139