Chancellor, Albukhary International University
I am delighted to know that Albukhary International University (AIU) is going to publish a peer-reviewed journal named Albukhary Social Business Journal (ASBJ). This journal is intended to promoting scholarly works on social business in the academic community. It is indeed a great pleasure to see that academia is becoming more involved in understanding and promoting social business. Academicians are better placed to introduce this idea in the practical world of economics. An academic journal plays a significant role in disseminating new knowledge and ideas. We cannot expect a happy society if our everyday needs remain unmet. Unfortunately, the existing economic structure is more self-oriented rather than socially-oriented. In the current economic paradigm, all businesses are created for the sole purpose of profit maximization. Financial institutions are created to provide generous financing to the top profit makers. As a result, the wealth continues to concentrate in fewer and fewer hands creating vast economic distance between rich and poor. Social business can slow down the wealth concentration and gradually bring it down to zero concentration. The whole world is now experiencing catastrophic consequences of COVID-19 pandemic. However, this micro-pathogen has made us realise the fragility of our socio-economic system. We failed to fight effectively against such a pandemic due to the flaws and weaknesses of our economic system. Hence, it is now becoming a pressing need to redesign the economic structure. Academia can contribute a lot to bring positive changes to transform the world to make it a world of three zeros — zero net carbon emission, zero wealth concentration, and zero unemployment.

I hope the ASBJ will contribute in making this happen.
I wish the ASBJ a great success.

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